Your friend the labrador

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What is the most wanted dog breed to Australians?

It’s the Lab!!! Beautiful,friendly and playful are the words that describe the Labrador. NO matter if you choose the English Labrador or the American, they are both loyal companions. They come in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate, fulfilling with a smooth coat. Their weight varies from 25 to 40 kilograms and full sized female varies from 54-56 cm tall and the male from around 56-57 cm tall.

These dogs are very intelligent and can be easily trained and that’s why they are involved as a guide and service dogs. The training is important on the beginning of their lives, while they are still puppies. And with the appropriate training they will be really handful as adults.

The feeding part is the thing you need to control and be careful with. They can be quite greedy and can not control themselves. So feed them with a premium food and measure the quantity. Along with the healthy food  they need a good everyday stroll to burn off the energy.

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Labs love water, so when ever you can please take your Lab to the beach for cooling a bit. And when it comes to playing with kids, you have to train you Lab not to jump on people.

To sum up, Labradors are good house pet. They are obedient and can be easily trained.

If you have doubts about you can keep a Labrador just follow the things of the list that you need to know before taking one:

  • Large Yard; a lab needs a fair bit of room to run around and explore
  • Spare time; you will need to train them as puppies and then walk and play with them every day to stimulate their brain and stop naughty behaviours
  • Money; Labradors eat $10-$15 worth of food a week and their size means that needing to hire a groomer is quite likely
  • A plan; Labradors live for 10-15 years, so make sure you consider where you’ll be in 15 years time
  • The essentials; a food and water bowl, dog food, a collar and lead (harness if desired), kennel with bed, toys, microchip, and treatments and vaccinations.

So you need a pet full of love and life, then you need a Labrador, a perfect fit to your family.

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Image copyright: pixabay