the unique bond between horses & humans

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Horses are special animals and taking care for them brings lots of responsiility.

Looking at the horses awakes something inside me, their graceful running makes me feel happy.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Sir Winston Churchill

This quote describes the unique, special bond humans can experience with horses.

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Since thousands of years the honest and faithful relationship between horses and humans not always been honest by humans.

Horses have learned the emotional side of their landlords and they bond with human and nobody else. Studies have shown that we can notice horse’s emotional state just by feeling their heart rhythm. It is also found that horses reflects humans feelings.

Horses represent loyalty, sensitiveness, they show the spiritual way of life, bring serenity and peace and represent good companions.

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If you need a friend, horses are true one. Even though sometimes looks like they are reliant to us just for survival and comfort but still they make bond to us and create a friendship.

So, if you take care of a horse, nurture it every day, pay extra attention, the horse will give back the same attention to you. That is that special bond and uniqueness.

So if you have not found true friend and a pet, just give the horses a chance. Choose a pet-friend that can you trust.