travelling with your buddy

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If you are planing to travel with your pet, you have to do a bit more preparation for the journey. Here follow some useful tips that will help you to plan a safe trip for your pet:

  • Prepare safe and comfortable sleeping space for your pet while you are travelling.
  • At a very importance are the vehicle restraints for your dog and you can choose from a variety of styles.
  • Check your pets health before starting the journey.
  • Get enough info for ticks, especially the paralysis ticks.
  • Do not ever leave your dog alone in a car, it is very dangerous and can lead to heatstroke and can be fatal.
  • Before you start a journey, better prepare your pet friend. Make small trips around the block and let your pet to get used to the motion.
  • Always have an info for nearby vets in a case of emergency.
  • Prepare enough food an water for the trip.
  • As human need breaks, pets need toilet break too. In this way your pet will stretch and relieve itself.
  • For a security reasons in a time of break have your pet on a lead. No matter how trained the pets can be, having them on a lead will make them feel safe.
  • Check with your local council that your pet’s microchip contact details are up to date in case Fido or Fluffy wanders off by accident.
  • Laws vary from state to state in regards to transporting pets in vehicles; check the states government website for further details to ensure you abide by the law.

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Things you should pack for your dog are:

  • leash, collar, harness
  • a towel
  • for comforting during the travelling bring your pet’s fav toy
  • travelling crate to sleep
  • food and water bowl and enough food a filtered water
  • Plastic bags to scoop poop and dispose
  • If your dog requires medication, pack enough for the trip and have a first aid kit at your disposal.