The 7 Best Dog Strollers to Buy in 2017

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Bring your pup wherever you go in style

Choosing the best dog stroller starts with knowing what your dog needs and, of course, where he’ll be going in the stroller. Finding the right one can make daily activities with Fido all the more pleasant (plus, what’s cuter than a dog in a stroller?). A stroller can be a great tool for the pet parent who takes their dog to work or runs weekend errands that can wear out smaller pups or dogs recovering from injury and illness. And they’re not just for small breeds — many dog strollers fit a wide variety of sizes, and can help a large dog commute via public transportation or age gracefully when he could use a lift.

There are dozens of reasons to buy a dog stroller, and even more options to choose from, but we did the research for you and narrowed it down to the best ones. From under $50 to over $300, we found the best strollers for every dog and every budget.

  • $40

    The OxGord 3 pet stroller is an all-around great choice for everyday activities and walks. Unlike some of the bulkier options, the OxFord 3 has three wheels, weighs less than 15 pounds and is ideal for dogs up to 35 pounds. It has a mesh zipper cover that’s escape-proof (though one reviewer noted it isn’t as effective for cats as it is for dogs), and breathable on hot days. The carriage measures 40″ x 11″ x 18″, and some owners say it will comfortably fit two smaller-sized dogs.The OxGord 3 is a great, affordable option that comes in four colors and easily folds up for storage. Reviewers say it holds up well over time and, importantly, is easy to maneuver. If you’re looking for a simple but well-made stroller, the OxGord 3 is the best product if most of your activities will be on flat terrain.

  • $100

    The Gen7Pets stroller is a great entry-level stroller with a few more bells and whistles than the OxFord 3. It holds a pup weighing up to 25 pounds and has a wide mesh fold-up cover, a soft comfort pad and extra zipper storage space for pet supplies and treats. The front wheel swivels on smooth pavement and locks on bumpy terrain, making it easy to maneuver no matter where you are.

    Owners say it’s incredibly comfortable on long walks, and rave about the secure storage features. The Gen7Pets is an all-around great product with a slightly higher price tag and a handful of great additions.

  • $115

    The Pet Gear No-Zip pet stroller is a little more expensive that some of our other picks, but for good reason. With a no-zip entry, getting in and out of the stroller is a breeze and is guaranteed to keep dogs from escaping. It’s also great for multiple types of terrain, featuring “air ride” technology that functions similarly to your car’s shocks. The stroller is 40″ to the handle, and can hold dogs up to 45 pounds.

    Reviewers say the Pet Gear No-Zip is easy to maneuver and feels sturdy enough for multiple pups. The front-wheel lock is great for going over rough terrain on a hike or incline walk, and owners say the material is breathable even in the dead of summer. If you plan to use your dog stroller often and in many different environments, the Pet Gear No-Zip is well worth the money.

  • $39

    Finding a great dog stroller doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, and the BestPet Posh stroller is perfect for those who don’t need the bells and whistles of the more expensive brands. The BestPet Posh stroller has incredible reviews, and many owners say it holds up just as well as its pricier competitors. It has a zip entry, stands 35″ tall and can safety hold up to 30 pounds, though we’d recommend this stroller primarily for smaller pups in order to maintain comfort.

    Reviewers say it provides plenty of room for smaller dogs to move around and it stows away easily. Overall, the BestPet stroller is a great option for daily activities and pet parents looking for a simple but effective solution.

  • $387

    Even big dogs need a lift sometimes, and the DoggyRide stroller is suitable for pups weighing up to 110 pounds. It’s a bit pricier than other options, but it’s strong enough to keep large dogs comfortable and safe without straining your arm during walks. The cabin is even padded with a bonus headrest for ultimate doggy luxury. It’s also ideal for large pups recovering from surgeries or aging with arthritis, giving them a chance to take a walk pain-free. It also functions as a dog carrier on wheels, which comes in handy on subways and buses that require that dogs be crated.

    Owners say the stainless steel construction and weatherproof storage case keeps this stroller looking brand new for years. While it comes mostly assembled, reviewers do note that it takes a bit of time to put together. If your large dog could use a little help getting out of the house, the DoggyRide stroller will let you take longer, more enjoyable walks together for years to come.

  • $140

    Dog strollers aren’t just for pushing; a bike stroller is the ideal way to bring your dog along on a lengthy ride. Biking next to a leashed running pup can be dangerous, so a stroller trailer will allow him to join on more outdoor activities safely. The Aosom Elite jogger can function as both a standard stroller and a bike trailer, and can hold dogs weighing up to 88 pounds. It comes in three different colors, and has an adjustable handlebar that can be raised or lowered for comfort. We especially love the dog’s pocket seat that allows for more security during bumpy bike rides on rough terrain.

    Reviewers say it’s easy to attach to a bike — and as a plus, can hold various supplies for picnics or camping. While it does fold, owners note that it doesn’t get very small, so make sure you have space in a garage or closet for when it’s not in use. This is the best choice for active dog owners who want to switch between bike rides and jogs with their dogs.

  • $62

    Pet owners who have to navigate steps or those who plan to take their pet stroller in the car often may want to opt for a more lightweight option. The Pet Gear Ultra Lite stroller weighs only nine pounds, light enough that you can strap it to your back when your pet isn’t using it and take it wherever you need to go. It can hold dogs up to 15 pounds, so this stroller is only for small dog owners, but it’s great if you want a dog stroller without the bulk.

    Owners say that despite its lightweight  nature, it’s sturdy and safe when used properly. When folded, it’s incredibly easy to bring on vacations, and reviewers note that the 38″ height is comfortable for long walks. If you have a small pup that travels often, the Pet Gear Ultra Lite dog stroller will give you the opportunity to spend more time outside without getting in the way.