50 of the Cutest Animal Pictures EVER

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Because everyone could always use an extra dose of cute animals to get through the day, we’ve got 50 photos of animals being adorable and silly right here. Hopefully they’ll bring you enough happiness to carry it throughout the rest of the week!

These future heroes
This dirty duo
This birthday pup
This sleepy kid
This kitty who sits in an . . . odd way
This father and child
This pup that is so over being in class
These cats in their own bunk beds
This fierce little cow
This baby
This lazy seal
This badass
This very scary ghost
This very zen feline
This oversize Beanie Baby
This festive trash panda
This happy cone of shame
This seal pupper
This sleepy Shiba Inu
This confused pup
This bun
These Christmas pigs
This beautiful baby
This happy baby hippo
This squeaky clean piggy
This sleepy nugget
This pocket friend
This handful of fluff
These sleepyheads
This majestic dog
These forever friends
This lovely pooch


This heavenly pack of babies


This concerned citizen


This floof


This big baby


These besties


This tired pup
This rescue cheetah


This bundle of fun


This tiny lapdog


This adorable Corgi puppy


This little face!


These little cuties


This kitty that's so attached to technology


This confused dog with a bunny on its head
This sweet baby


This dapper pup


This over-the-moon pup


These precious sleepy kids


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