2 Reasons to Adopt a New Puppy — in GIFs!

Happy National Dog Day! Check out these 22 GIFs of puppies doing everything from walking to eating to falling over asleep. These little guys are guaranteed to brighten up your day. And if you’re in the market to adopt a a new furry friend, try searching Petfinder — they’ve got a little bit of everything.

They're not camera shy.
They can dig holes to nowhere.
They're neat eaters.
They have excellent balance.
They're great swimmers.
Even out of the water.
They love to exercise.
They can fall asleep anywhere.
They're just plain cute.
They're smart enough to do things like this.
They get along well with others.
They look at you like this.
They just want to be near you.
They're so roly-poly.
That adorable sleeping thing.
They're coordinated.
They take puppy piles very seriously.
They're excellent playmates.
Their faces are everything.
They have sick dance moves.
Did I mention they can fall asleep anywhere?
Because they totally can.