Easter Dangers for Dogs

Easter is a fun time for many people. Spring is arriving, weather is improving, and spirits are rising. As with any holiday, we want to share the fun times with our favorite furry friends. However, there are Easter dangers for dogs that you need to be aware of in order to enjoy the holiday to […]

5 Things About Dog Dewclaws

What are Dewclaws? Dewclaws are essentially the thumbs and big toes of the dog world. They are not directly equivalent to the human structures, of course, but they are similar. Looking at a dog’s front foot, the toes that are in contact with the ground while standing correspond to our pinky, ring finger, middle finger, […]

7 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Your Dog

Although our faithful dog companions are equipped with a warm fur coat and tough paw pads they’re still vulnerable when the cold weather chill sets in. Dr. Kelly Ryan, director of veterinary services at Animal Medical Center of Mid-America, says most dogs can tolerate colder temperatures but they need some extra attention and care from […]

Dog Warts: Types, Causes, and Treatments

Canine viral papillomatosis sounds serious, doesn’t it? Actually, the term is just a technical description for warts (papillomas) in dogs. While a diagnosis of dog warts is rarely dire, the condition is worth your attention, primarily so you don’t confuse warts in dogs with other, nastier diseases. Symptoms of Dog Warts Any dog can get […]

Dog Aggression to Owners

Dog aggression to owners is perhaps one of the hardest problem behaviors to live with. Not only does it place the family at constant risk, but it can also be very hard to understand why a dog that is loved and well cared for behaves this way. So why do dogs sometimes bite the hand […]

Dogs and Fear of Strangers

Many dogs suffer from a fear of strangers. They cower, tremble, and try to hide from any new person they meet. Causes of a Fear of Strangers There are two main reasons that a dog may become fearful of strangers. The first is genetics. A shy and timid dog is highly likely to produce skittish […]

Tips to Stop a Dog From Chewing on Shoes

We allowed our dog to chew on an old pair of shoes as a puppy, because it was so cute. But now she’s a year old, and she chews on any shoes she finds — most recently, an expensive pair of dress shoes. We get mad when she does this, but we know it’s because […]

Christmas Tree Hazards for Dogs

Dogs are attracted to the Christmas tree with all its unique smells and interesting ornaments.  But dogs aren’t always safe around the Christmas tree.  You know your dog and its temperament more than anyone but under some conditions, your best-behaved puppy may create a problem. Here is why Christmas Tree hazards for dogs. Are Christmas […]

Dog Winter Walk

Unless you’re the proud owner of a Siberian husky, chances are good that dog winter walk are going to be a lot shorter than the ones you take in more friendly temperatures. But that doesn’t mean these walks are necessarily going to be easy — or that they should be! Just like any walk you […]

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a disorder that causes dogs to panic at the idea of being left home alone. The panic is so overwhelming that when you leave, dogs tend to become destructive, bark like crazy, and have housebreaking accidents. When you return home, their greetings are often frantic. This condition is stressful for both dogs […]