Quantifying the Benefits of Owning a Dog

Just how good is dog walking for you? Older dog owners who walked their dogs at least once a day got 20 percent more physical activity than people without dogs, a British study found, and spent 30 fewer minutes a day being sedentary, on average. Regular exercise has well-known benefits for health and longevity. For […]

Caring for a Paralyzed Dog

Spinal issues or injuries, or neurological disease, are two reasons why dogs sometimes become paralyzed in their back legs. At times, dogs aren’t actually experiencing full-blown hind-end paralysis but more of a hind-end weakness that makes it more difficult for them to get around. The initial shock of seeing their dog paralyzed is distressing for owners. Some […]

Contact Your Veterinarian When Your Dog Shows These Signs

The following information may help you decide which conditions are absolute emergencies, and which ones may let you take a “wait and see” attitude. If your dog is sick or injured and you are unsure of the severity of the condition, it is always best to err on the side of caution, and contact your veterinarian (or […]

Do Dogs Dream?

Scientifically it’s not proven whether dogs dream or not, but it is not imaginable dogs not to dream. We are all witnesses of interesting behavior during their sleep especially those things that they are doing when are fully awake are done when they are sleeping.Paddling legs, whining, growling, wagging tails, chewing jowls, and twitching noses […]

common dog myths – know the facts

When we have a pet, we always listen every advise that we will hear just to make sure that we are providing the best care possible for our pet. We listen to our neighbors, the lady in the grocery store, read everything on Internet and all myths that we read and do it in practice […]

choosing the best name for your pet

It’s really difficult to choose your pets’ name. Here you will find some tips on how to best choose the perfect name for your pet: Look at your pet. Usually outside characteristics can inspire us to give the name of our pet. Just look at the color, some marks, size or other characteristics that can […]

pet first aid kit: supplies you need

In every home where pet lives there has to be a basic first aid kit. If you are having this kind of first aid supplies, you will be always ready to deal with any kind of medical emergency with your pet. Probably you own family first aid kit and be sure next to it to […]

summer safety for your kitty

As the summer approaches we have to prepare ourselves and our pets for the hot days and keep our pets safe and comfortable. The number one dangers along with the heat is dehydration and heatstroke. Even if our cat is indoor, in summer who does not want to go out and explore and enjoy the […]

travelling with your buddy

If you are planing to travel with your pet, you have to do a bit more preparation for the journey. Here follow some useful tips that will help you to plan a safe trip for your pet: Prepare safe and comfortable sleeping space for your pet while you are travelling. At a very importance are […]

the unique bond between horses & humans

Horses are special animals and taking care for them brings lots of responsiility. Looking at the horses awakes something inside me, their graceful running makes me feel happy. “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Sir Winston Churchill This quote describes the unique, […]