To Neuter or Not to Neuter – What You Should Know

Image copyright: Petplace Is neutering good for your dog or cat or is it dangerous? Are there adverse consequences to neutering? Most of us have been told for years that neutering is good and prevents many health problems, but are there negative effects of neutering? The answer is yes. We want to tell you what […]

5 Signs Spring Has Sprung, According to Your Cat

Image copyright: Petplace. Have a cat? Chances are you have a feline forecaster at your disposal. Call it a sixth sense or nine-life experience or sheer instincts, but your cat – believe it or not – knows best. Simply by accident, your feline friend can signal the advent of spring like a seasoned meteorologist confidently […]

Dog Breeds Prone to Obesity

Image copyright:   We love our pets. But sometimes, we can love them a little too much. You may be tempted to shower your pups with tasty treats to show them your love, but after time, all the extra treats and meals can turn into a serious problem for your furry companion. Pet obesity has […]

Coffee, Tea, and Catnip? The Rise of the Cat Cafe

Image copyright: Animal Beahviour Have you ever been hanging out at your favorite cafe or coffee shop and thought, “I wish I had a warm kitty purring in my lap right now”? In many parts of the world, that wish can be a reality. At cat cafes, felines are free to roam about, mixing and […]

Breed of the Month: Why We Love English Springer Spaniels

Image copyright: Petplace While we here at PetPlace genuinely adore all canines (mutts included), we recognize that many dog owners are breed loyal. Our “Breed of the Month” series celebrates those iconic dog breeds that have amassed widespread popularity and/or developed a cult following. For  February 2018, we feature the English springer spaniel. Sparked by […]

Our 5 Favorite Safety Products for Dogs

Image copyright: Petplace   As a dog owner, you know what it takes to keep your pup safe. You’re up on his vaccinations, you know how to control parasites, and you’re prepared for winter, spring, summer, and fall. Nevetheless, dangers lurk everywhere, and if you’re not properly prepared, your dog could be at risk. Luckily, there are some great products on […]

Dealing With the Quirky Behaviors That Drive Cat Owners Crazy

Image copyright: Petplace Wouldn’t you love to know what your cat is thinking? You can sit and watch your cat for hours but you never know just what is going on behind those big dreamy eyes. Your cat squints at you, fluttering his eyelids until they almost close. He switches his tail. Is he angry […]

Republican? Democrat? We Choose Canine

Image copyright: Petplace It’s been a long — and for many people, fatiguing — election season, but it’s about to come to an end, and one thing is certain: the next President of the United States will be a dog lover, and it’s likely that we’ll see some new presidential pooches in our futures. Hillary Clinton wrote […]

The Evolution of Domestic Cats

Image copyright:Softpedia News Cats don’t always seem to mind the saying, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Their behavior can switch from not caring if you exist to begging for affection — and a snack. It’s common knowledge that cats are descended from wild cats, but the evolution of domestic cats is a bit […]