Anorexia in Snakes

Image copyright: VCA Animal Hospitals Anorexia is the loss of appetite or refusal to eat. It can be a health problem in itself or it can be a sign of underlying problems. If your snake shows other signs of illness such as weight loss, depression, abdominal swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, sores in the mouth or on the […]

Euthanasia of Rabbits

Image copyright: Rabbit Advocacy Group of BC Euthanasia is the bringing about of a gentle and easy death, without pain or distress, usually for an animal suffering from a terminal disease. The word literally means an “easy and painless death.” Euthanasia of a terminally ill family pet is one of the most difficult decisions pet owners […]

Hairballs (Trichobezoars) in Rabbits

Image copyright: animalwised For rabbit owners, the word hairball can strike fear in their hearts. Hairballs have long been considered one of the most serious ailments, with the potential to cause death. But what exactly is a hairball and why does it seem to primarily affect pet rabbits and not their wild cousins? A hairball, […]

Metabolic Bone Disease in Reptiles

Image copyright: Reptile Facts Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) is a blanket term that is used to refer to several disease syndromes related to problems with calcium homeostasis or metabolism. The cause of disease may be a lack of available calcium in the diet or it may be that for any one of a number of […]

Feeding Your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs appear to be omnivorous, eating both plant and animal foods. Their natural diet includes insects, worms, snails, slugs and occasional fruit. But homebound hedgehogs typically chow down on kitten, cat, dog or ferret food supplemented with earthworms, mealworms, crickets and small amounts of chopped fruits and vegetables. There are now commercially available hedgehog diets […]

Expose the Hunting Horror Show

President Trump is changing the politics of big game trophy hunting for the better. A horror show. With those three words, President Donald Trump broke ranks with his agency bureaucrats, signaled a bold step to save the world’s remaining African elephants and African lions, and quite possibly changed the unsavory power politics of trophy hunting […]

Iguana Care

Interested in a pet iguana or wondering how to care for it properly?  This guide will help you get started with the basics of taking care of this prehistoric pet.   What many potential iguana keepers don’t realize is their handful of a baby iguana is destined to grow into something approaching a 20lb dinosaur […]

Turtle Care

Turtle Care Guide Freshwater Turtles are endearing pets but they do require very specific care and a comfortable environment to remain in tip top shape. Of all the reptiles, turtles are the most beloved. And what’s not to love? These animals have adorable facial expressions, attractive patterns on their shells, and gentle habits. Each species […]

9 Worst Foods for Your Ferret

Whilst Ferrets can be fussy eaters as adults, the food habits they learn as kits will stay with them for life. We’ve assembled a list of 9 foods you should avoid feeding your ferret to ensure they remain happy and healthy. Dog food or adult cat food While it is certainly convenient and cheap to […]

Hermit Crab Care

Hermit Crab Care Guide Hermit crabs make adorable pets but these little packages of cuteness are surprisingly high-maintenance and require very exacting care. Hermit crabs are widely believed to be easy to care for, and ideal first pets for children. Neither of these beliefs is true. Unfortunately, hermit crabs are very difficult to keep healthy, […]