Should I Let My Puppy Sit On Me?

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I have a 4.5 month old Weimaraner puppy who will jump and paw and grab at people. Obviously this is not a behavior I want to encourage, and I don’t.

But another thing Remy does is try to crawl into my lap if I’m sitting on the floor next to him. He’s even more likely to do this if he’s holding a rawhide or bully stick.

It’s cute that my puppy wants to sit in my lap (awww), but it’s also a behavior I don’t want to encourage.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t let your puppy or dog sit on you. I just don’t want mypuppy sitting on people.

Why does my puppy sit on me?

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Here are some reasons why puppies or dogs might sit on their owners. I’m listing these in the order I think is most common:

1. Affection. This is probably the #1 reason!

2. Seeking attention.

3. Security.

4. Hogging attention from other pets or from whatever else the person is doing.

5. Blocking or “guarding” another dog from the person. Not necessarily in an aggressive way but just by beingthere.

6. Feeling more powerful (think of the little dog sitting on her owner and snapping at everyone).

7. Keeping another dog from getting a bone or toy.

8. More serious possessiveness/resource guarding.

What else should be on the list?

Note that most of these are all related to “dominance” in some way but not it’s not so simple as “My dog is trying to Dominate Me!”

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Why I don’t want to let my puppy sit on me

My puppy is going to be a big dog. When he sits on me, I think it’s a little of all of the above but mostly security, demanding attention and preventing someone from taking his bone (even though no one is trying to take it).

I do like having my puppy in my lap, but I don’t think it’s a good behavior to encourage from my particular puppy.

Remy’s personality seems to be very sweet and friendly, but he also tests the limits with me to see what he can get away with. He already uses his body to barge in and get what he wants. Part of this is just his age, but I also think he has a bit of a “pushy” attitude. At least more so than my older dog Ace.

So, I set limits with my puppy.

I should be able to sit on the floor next to him without him climbing on me.

THE HUMAN GETS TO DECIDE WHO INVADES HER SPACE AND WHEN. THE PUPPY DOES NOT GET TO DECIDE.Bottom line is the human gets to decide who invades her space and when. The puppy does not get to decide (and either do any other pets, for that matter).

So I tell my puppy to lie down and stay (right next to me is fine), and he gets praise for that.

When he tries to grab my arms, put his paws on me or climb on me, I block him by putting my knees up or my elbows out or I just stand up and ignore him.

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By the way, I’m not perfect. It’s hard to be consistent.

Teach your puppy the word OFF

We are using the word OFF with Remy which means DO NOT TOUCH ME. So we use it when he’s jumping or when he’s pawing at us or when he’s trying to nudge us or climb on us. Yes, he’s pushy. He’s contantly invading my bubble, and it’s rude. Mostly, I just want him to learn some self-control so he can eventually leave guests alone.

Of course, jumping and pawing is normal puppy behavior, but it’s our biggest challenge right now.

Why does my puppy sit on me when he has a bone?

This will have to be a post on its own at a later date, but my puppy also tries to sit on me when he has a rawhideor bully stick.

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I’d like to hear your thoughts on this behavior.

Is it for security? Is it too pushy/demanding? Is it to keep the item away from other pets?

I think yes to all of the above.

I think it’s a fairly harmless behavior but one to be aware of and set some limits depending on your unique dog. Again, the human gets to decide if she wants to hold the bone or not. The puppy does not get to decide!

I’m glad my puppy seeks me out for security and that he’s cool with me holding his bone. It’s a nice way to bond with him. But, I don’t like how he barges up to me and shoves his rawhide in my hand. Um, excuse me!

OK, I’d like to hear your take on all of this.

Do you let your dog sit on you?






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