Can Dogs Transmit Ebola? Get the Facts

Image copyright: PetPlace The recent euthanasia of a dog owned by a Spanish nursing assistant infected with Ebola virus has raised much concern about the canine role in Ebola virus transmission and the risks dogs may pose to humans. As is common with emerging diseases, there are many gaps in our knowledge and these gaps […]

Dog Spring Training — How to Get Your Pup Ready for the Season

Image copyright: National Geographic: Phenomena Spring is finally here! Now is the time to take advantage of the good weather and kick off a dog spring training routine. So, get outside and hit the ground running with your pup! Keeping your dog active is essential to being a successful pet owner and making sure your dog stays as healthy […]

Dog Breeds Prone to Obesity

Image copyright:   We love our pets. But sometimes, we can love them a little too much. You may be tempted to shower your pups with tasty treats to show them your love, but after time, all the extra treats and meals can turn into a serious problem for your furry companion. Pet obesity has […]

Breed of the Month: Why We Love English Springer Spaniels

Image copyright: Petplace While we here at PetPlace genuinely adore all canines (mutts included), we recognize that many dog owners are breed loyal. Our “Breed of the Month” series celebrates those iconic dog breeds that have amassed widespread popularity and/or developed a cult following. For  February 2018, we feature the English springer spaniel. Sparked by […]

Republican? Democrat? We Choose Canine

Image copyright: Petplace It’s been a long — and for many people, fatiguing — election season, but it’s about to come to an end, and one thing is certain: the next President of the United States will be a dog lover, and it’s likely that we’ll see some new presidential pooches in our futures. Hillary Clinton wrote […]

Food Trucks for Dogs are Bringing Al Fresco Dining to Fido

Image copyright: Petplace At dog parks around the country, a new kind of food truck is pulling up to offer treats. These new popular food trucks are making dogs dreams come true — a truck full of food just for them has pulled up, and the humans are treating them to new healthy dog treats, […]

Ibuprofen Toxicity in Small Mammals

Image copyright: PetCoach Ibuprofen is a popular and effective over-the-counter medication available to treat pain and inflammation in people. For pets, ibuprofen can easily exceed toxic levels. The most common cause of ibuprofen toxicity is a well-meaning owner trying to alleviate pain in his pet who administers a dose he thinks is adequate without knowing […]