Norfolk Terrier

Background The Norfolk Terrier, an English native, was developed to be a barnyard ratter and to remove vermin from the den during hunting excursions. The Norfolk was grouped with the Norwich Terrier for a long time and they are still closely related. The most obvious difference between the breeds now is the ears. The Nor(FOL)k has a […]

Redbone Coonhound

Background During the late 1700s Red Foxhounds were brought to America by Scottish immigrants where they were joined by Red Irish Foxhounds before the civil war. By the 18th century, coon hunters started breeding dogs that were fast, nimble, and had a keen sense of smell — the Redbone Coonhound was born. The Redbone Coonhound […]

The Welsh Springer Spaniel

Background The Welsh Springer Spaniel’s history dates as far back as 7000 BC when he accompanied hunters. During the Mesolithic age, springers would travel with hunters along the coastlines of Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. In the 1700s, Welsh Spring Spaniels began gaining immense popularity, especially amongst hunters. However, the English Springer Spaniel and other spaniels […]

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Background The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is unlike most any other hunting dog. Instead of chasing ducks, these dogs actually lure them closer by “dancing” along the shore. This graceful dancing technique is known as “tolling,” thus the breed name. “Tolling” is a Middle English word and implies that the game is being tempted […]

The Siberian Husky

Background The perfect sled dog! The Siberian Husky was used for centuries and centuries to pull the sleds of the Chukchi Tribe on the eastern Siberian peninsula. Huskies were also used for herding reindeer and guarding. Perfectly adapted to the brutal Siberian weather, the Husky is a hardy, thick-coated dog with legendary stamina; he was […]

The Great Dane

Background He’s the gentle giant of the dog world! The Great Dane is huge, and that’s no accident. Most agree that his pedigree is a combination of English Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound, though we do know what the Great Dane is a very old breed. In fact, the Great Dane’s ancestors are visible on Egyptian […]

The Pomeranian

Background The tiny ball of fluff that we know as a Pomeranian used to be a lot bigger! Originally used as sheep herders along the coast of the Baltic Sea in Pomerania – present day Germany and Poland – the Pomeranian has shrunk over the years. The decrease in size came because of selective breeding, […]

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Background The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is among the oldest of the herding dogs, and also the smallest of the group. They are traditionally tailless and for a long it was requirement for showing. The breed can be traced back as far as 1107 AD when Flemish Weavers brought them along to Whales. They were used […]

The Saluki

Background The Saluki is one of the first known domesticated dog breeds. Long ago, he used to help track down gazelle, foxes and rabbits. Later, when he was imported to England, rabbits became the primary game. The Saluki was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1929. Sizing up Weight: 35 to 65 lbs. Height: 23 to […]