How To Better Understand Your Dog or Cat

When it comes to our pets, communication can be difficult since they can’t speak our languge. Learning your dog or cat’s body language will help you understand what they are thinking and how they are feeling depending on the situation. It’s all about reading their facial expressions and body movement. We’ve got some insight to […]

How Pets Make Us Better

Aside from simply being adorable and fun to have around, pets can have enormous impacts on our health and well-being. Spending time with and raising a pet, such as cats, dogs, and others, can be beneficial for mitigating the onset of certain diseases, and greatly improving our mental and emotional mindsets. The enhancing qualities that […]

7 Dogs Who Think They’re Cats

At some point or another, every dog relates a little more to Garfield than Odie. Dogs are impressionable creatures, and these candid moments offer an hilarious yet honest glimpse into the way a dog’s brain ticks. From having a go at a tightly wound ball of yarn to straight-up meowing, read on for catlike canines caught red-pawed and acting like their […]

Small pet advice: Hints about hamsters

They may not live a long time, but hamsters are fun while you have them It’s hamster time Hamsters are one of the most popular children’s pets, though everyone can enjoy those dark eyes and twitching whiskers. There are a few different hamster species suitable for pets, but you shouldn’t mix them in the same […]

Reptile advice: what should your pet eat and drink?

Don’t make a meal of it Most reptiles’ diets include plants, insects, small mammals or a combination of all these foods. However, each species of reptile has its own specific food requirements and it’s important to find out the correct diet for your species straight away. Gut loading Lots of reptiles eat live, whole insects, […]

How to give your rabbit the home it deserves

Room to live Unless you live in a stately home, it’s unlikely that you can offer your rabbit the kind of home environment it would have in the wild! So when you choose how to house your rabbit, it’s important to remember that even if your space is limited, your pet must be able to […]

Small pet advice: how to care for your degu

Degus are busy, active pets that love the company of other degus! Get busy with your degu Degus come from Chile, where they live wild in some of the cooler coastal and mountain areas. They make great pets – they are active in the daytime – but take care to keep their living environment below […]