Pet Allergies: Filtering Air

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, animal allergies affect about 10 percent of the total U.S. population. But don’t let the numbers fool you: Despite the potential for symptoms like sneezing, skin rashes and even asthma, a lot of allergy-prone people still own pets. Many who are in this boat turn […]

Outdoor Activities for Owner and Pet

A breath of fresh air can do wonders for both you and your pet. Outdoor activities not only provide exercise and mental stimulation, but also help curb bad behaviors by giving your furry friend a chance to release excess energy. So set aside the remote, step outside with your pet, and have some fun al […]

Understanding Pet Food Labels

You may think you’re feeding Fido top-of-the-line dog food, but without an understanding of pet food labels, you may be putting your pooch at risk. It takes more than just reading the catchy brand name and nutritional claims that pop out at you to really comprehend what your pets are eating. In the United States, […]

Small pet fact files

Taking on a new pet is a big commitment, no matter how big or small the animal you’re thinking of bringing home. In order to make sure both you and your pet get the most out of your new arrangement, it’s important that you choose the right pet for your lifestyle. This means a little […]

Choosing a small pet

Bringing a small pet into your home can be very rewarding. Not only are they excellent pets to help teach children responsibility and kindness, they can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family! These pages will provide a wealth of information to help you choose the right animal for your home, so take a […]

Raising Pet Rabbits

How to Raise Pet Rabbits. Lots of useful information and resources for enthusiasts looking to raise pet bunny rabbits. Rabbits are one of the most popular pets in America, often ranked in the top five, depending on who is counting. Thus, raising rabbits for the purpose of selling them as pets can be a profitable […]

Dog Diseases Transmitted to Humans

A disease that is transmissible from animal to human is known as a zoonotic disease. Below is some information about dog diseases transmitted to humans. If you suspect you and/or your pet have been exposed to any of the following, seek medical attention right away. Toxocariasis  This disease is caused by a common parasite in animals, the […]

Benefits of Cat Ownership

Many people feel that a house only becomes a home when a cat lives there. Here are some benefits to cat ownership which will surprise even the most devoted of cat-people. If your family includes a cat, you’re in good company. Cats are popular pets and they bring much love and joy to their human […]

9 Ways to Beat Cat Allergies

Do you have cat allergies? It doesn’t mean you have to skip visits with your feline-loving friends and family. With a little preparation, you should be able to go anywhere without ending up with itchy, red eyes, a tickly throat, sneezing, or even shortness of breath—all of which happen when people allergic to cats encounter […]

Pets for mental health

The companionship that a pet gives is an incredible way to reduce anxiety and pressure. Having pets for mental health can be great for few reasons. Here are some of them. A pet can be an exceptional source of comfort, companionship, and motivation for their owners. In many ways, pets can assist us to live mentally […]