Friendly and fun-sized, mice make perfect pets, but would you make their perfect owner? From why you should start with a few female mice rather than males, to deciding whether the children in your home are old enough to handle them properly, our mouse fact file will help you get the bigger picture on these […]


Hamsters can make great family pets – they’re relatively easy to care for and can be very rewarding. But are they the right pet for you? Size Generally, hamsters are fairly small at around 15cm, but always provide them with the largest home you can. Lifespan In general, hamsters tend to live for around two […]

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are a great option for families looking for their first pet – but could you provide them with a happy home? Size While about the size of a fully grown hamster at birth, guinea pigs grow to be around 30cm long. Lifespan On average, a guinea pig can live for around five or […]


Much like other rodents, gerbils can provide plenty of entertainment for the family – but are these inquisitive creatures the right choice for you? Size Usually, gerbils grow to between 15-30cm. Lifespan Gerbils live for an average of three to four years. Food Gerbils like to eat a gerbil muesli designed especially for them. As […]

Dwarf Hamster

There are two types of dwarf hamster that are commonly kept as pets – Russian and Roborovski. Chinese hamsters are sometimes referred to as dwarf hamsters, but they don’t fall within this category. However, we have included them in this fact file. They can all make fantastic pets – use this fact file to see […]


Degus can be very friendly, but their lively nature makes them more suitable for older children or adults. Could they be the right pet for you? Size Degus tend to grow to between 25-31cm. Lifespan On average, degus can live for around five to eight years. Food Degus don’t take well to changes in their […]


Chinchillas can be really great to have around your home. They’re quite a sensitive animal, making them more suitable for older children or adults – could you provide them with the best environment? Size Once fully grown, an adult chinchilla can be about 30cm long. Lifespan Chinchillas can live for around 15 to 20 years, […]

Caring for your leopard gecko

How to handle me Once leopard geckos get to know their owner, they do not mind being handled. They rarely bite or scratch but they will struggle if they are frightened. They are more at risk from you dropping or hurting them, than you are from them. Gentle, regular handling of juveniles is essential, although […]

Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are one of the easiest lizards to keep, making them ideal pets for anybody new to reptile care. Popular for their beautiful mottled skin and docile nature, they don’t need as much space as many other lizards and can live for 20 years or more. Leopard geckos as pets Leopard geckos are considered […]