Found: Rare Seahorses Living in the River Thames

THE RIVER THAMES RUNS 215 miles, from Gloucestershire through London to the North Sea, and it hasn’t always been much of a source of English pride. In the 19th century it was known as the “Great Stink,” and Charles Dickens called it a “polluted stream” in David Copperfield (1850). By the late 1950s, after World War II bombings had […]

What Do Gerbils Eat?

Kinds of Gerbil Food Seed Mixes – These are loose mixtures of seeds, sometimes with pellets or dried vegetables and fruits added. Most of these will be nutritionally balanced but only if your gerbil eats everything in the mix. Unfortunately though, many gerbils will pick out their favorite items and leave the rest of the mixture in their bowl […]

What Horses Eat That Keep Them Healthy

Horses have very specific dietary needs because they are herbivores and have a unique digestive tract quite different from ours. Their long digestive system requires a high-fiber diet that is consumed in small amounts over a long time period. Rather than a few large meals like we should eat, horses eat many, many small meals.  Horses actually […]

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage

Cleaning cages is not a fun chore for any pet owner but making cleaning as easy as possible and sticking to a schedule will make it less of a chore and simply a part of your routine. There are no set rules for how often to clean, but doing a bit of cleaning every day […]

Tanks for Pet Salamanders and Newts

Salamanders and newts have sensitive and porous skin and are very susceptible to changes in their environment. When setting up a tank for these species, try to emulating the natural habitat of the species of salamander or newt, and ensure the quality of the environment is carefully monitored and maintained. There are three general types of tanks for […]

All About Leopard Frogs as Pets

Named for their dark spots on their back (except for the Burnsi leopard frogs which have no spots), leopard frogs are small, semi-aquatic pet frogs. Names: Rana pipiens (Northern Leopard frog), Rana utricularia (Southern Leopard frog), Rana blairi (Plains Leopard frog), Meadow frog Size: approximately 3 -5 inches Life span: approximately 5-8 years, perhaps longer Housing Leopard Frogs A ten gallon tank is […]

Rabbit advice: Can my rabbit be housed with my other pets?

Rabbits are social animals and those who live in friendly pairs or groups are much less likely to suffer from lack of stimulation. If you’re thinking about keeping your rabbit with another pet, have a read through our advice below. Guinea pigs Contrary to popular belief, guinea pigs should not be kept as a friend […]


Friendly and fun-sized, mice make perfect pets, but would you make their perfect owner? From why you should start with a few female mice rather than males, to deciding whether the children in your home are old enough to handle them properly, our mouse fact file will help you get the bigger picture on these […]


Hamsters can make great family pets – they’re relatively easy to care for and can be very rewarding. But are they the right pet for you? Size Generally, hamsters are fairly small at around 15cm, but always provide them with the largest home you can. Lifespan In general, hamsters tend to live for around two […]

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are a great option for families looking for their first pet – but could you provide them with a happy home? Size While about the size of a fully grown hamster at birth, guinea pigs grow to be around 30cm long. Lifespan On average, a guinea pig can live for around five or […]