Bird Beak Health

Even though the quality of a bird’s beak is key to the health of the overall bird, it can be difficult for bird owners to assess the health of their bird’s mouth, and even more difficult for them to figure out how to treat beak problems if any should arise. In this article, we will […]

Pet Bird Behavior Problems

Just like children and pets like cats and dogs, parrots and other pet birds sometimes exhibit behavior problems that their caretakers find difficult to deal with. While there are a number of ways that birds can misbehave and irritate the people that they live with, there tend to be a few behavior issues that are […]

Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species

When it comes to low maintenance pets, birds far outrank cats and dogs (and most other domestic animals). A few bird species require a certain amount of attention and socializing which can be time-consuming, and larger birds like parrots usually require more cleanup than their smaller counterparts. But birds are easier to care for than […]

Cleaning Your Bird’s Cage

Cleaning your bird’s cage can at first seem like a tedious chore. With so many bars, cracks, and crevices to scrub, it can be hard for new bird owners to figure out where to start. Setting and adhering to a cleaning schedule for your bird’s cage is essential to keeping this job as easy to […]

Top Loudest Parrot Species

It’s a known fact that parrots have the capability to be very loud — but it’s true that some species have a propensity for being more vocal than others. If you’ve been wondering what types of parrots are known to be the loudest of them all, then check out the list of the top 5 […]

Popular Macaws That Make Outstading Pets

These striking birds need attention and stimulation to thrive One of the most prized pet birds, there are 17 different types of macaws, each with its own unique needs and quirks. Several macaws are endangered, with the hyacinth, red-fronted and blue-throated macaws among the most seriously endangered. Although these charming, personable birds are understandably popular […]

A Guide to Pet Budgie Birds

The little budgie bird is one of the most popular pets in the world, ranking just behind dogs and cats, and it’s no wonder. This affectionate, cute bird is small and inexpensive, and if trained properly a budgie can mimic human speech. The origin of its formal name– Budgerigar– is a mystery, but by any […]

Bird Feather Allergies

Out in the wild, birds really make an impact. They help farmers by consuming harmful insects and keeping rodent populations in check; some even play a role in pollinating plants. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But to many people, these feathery creatures are simply beloved companions. In fact, according to the American […]

Brisk and Easy Tips to Groom your Pet Bird

Parrot Towel Conditioning Get your parrot used to its towel. Even if you prepare your bird yourself or have a trusted groomer to carry out the job, familiarize your parrot to being taken care of in a towel. It can help you prep your parrot tenderly and securely; it lessens pressure during usual vet visits, […]