Bird Feather Allergies

Out in the wild, birds really make an impact. They help farmers by consuming harmful insects and keeping rodent populations in check; some even play a role in pollinating plants. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But to many people, these feathery creatures are simply beloved companions. In fact, according to the American […]

Brisk and Easy Tips to Groom your Pet Bird

Parrot Towel Conditioning Get your parrot used to its towel. Even if you prepare your bird yourself or have a trusted groomer to carry out the job, familiarize your parrot to being taken care of in a towel. It can help you prep your parrot tenderly and securely; it lessens pressure during usual vet visits, […]

How Long Do Parrots Live?

It goes without saying that some of the parrots seem to have had a bath in the Fountain of Youth and stay young for a good time up to decades of years to come. It is an interesting fact to know that most of such birds are able to live more than their owners and […]

Signs of happiness in a bird

At times the mind-set of a pet bird is hard to peruse. Upbeat or miserable, grouchy or distraught—you can decode winged creature practices by watching the feathered creature’s non-verbal communication. These signs can be evident or unpretentious and they can simply give you knowledge into your bird’s needs and needs. Different…But similar Birds convey information […]

Keeping Birds as Pet Part 4

Feeding a Pet Bird Bird’s health can be attributed towards many factors and diet stands above all. In order to live a healthier and longer life, a balanced diet should be ensured. Wide bowls are preferred to deep cups for serving food. It is a better practice to spread out the food allowing the bird […]

Keeping Birds as Pets – Part 3

Grooming Pet Birds Plain water is the best thing to give your bird a bath. Oil and stains should be removed by frequent bathing. It is important to properly trim the wings of a bird so that it doesn’t fly for a long time but keep in mind that still a bird can fly. You […]

Keeping Birds as Pets – Part 2

Pet birds are not easy to keep. They have to be fully taken care of while allowing them an almost free environment. They should be given feelings of home so that they don’t leave you once they get older. Housing Pet Birds Usually, a cage or aviary is the right place to keep the bird […]

Keeping Birds as Pets – Part 1

Although each and every species of birds pose uniqueness among them yet there are still some general rules applicable to all of them. We’re going to take a look at those general rules or guidelines through this series of writing. In the forthcoming paragraphs, you’d get to know some unique characteristics attributed to specific species. […]

Work With Baby Birds

Training a bird at a young age is the best time compared to re-training or correcting bad habits of the adult birds. Some pet owners may be sidetracked and freshness of the new bird and enjoy their cuteness when they’re still the baby bird; However, you must remember that in order to set the stage […]