Feeding Your Blue and Gold Macaw

Image copyright: Birdtricks.com Blue and gold macaws are lively birds, much prized for their looks and their intelligence. They are fairly long-lived – surviving well into middle age – and make good pets for an owner who wants to spend time playing with them and teaching them. Here are 10 tips on feeding a blue and […]

Artificial Incubation of Bird Eggs

Image copyright: Poultry Hub Artificial incubation of avian eggs is not commonly done. It takes patience, experience and special equipment for a successful outcome. Usually, artificial incubation is done in cases or rare and valuable birds, inexperienced or unreliable mothers or when the mother is too ill or has died. Most often, incubation is limited […]

Feeding Your Amazon Parrot

Amazons, like most birds, do best on a diet built around commercial pelleted foods. These birds are prone to obesity, and pelleted diets are the most effective at maintaining ideal body weight. In addition to the pellets, feed your bird minimal amounts of chopped fruit and starches – no more than about a tablespoonful per […]

Should You Supplement Your Bird’s Diet?

Nutrition is one of the most controversial areas of owning a pet bird. The belief that seed-only diets are adequate is generally considered obsolete. Unfortunately, a consensus on what comprises an ideal diet has yet to emerge. Pelleted commercial diets are usually recognized as a good foundation, but a problem arises over the question of […]

Tips on Sex Determination

Generally, the best way to identify the sex of a bird for breeding is through an endoscopic evaluation, conducted by an experienced endoscopist. A doctor uses an endoscope to enter a natural orifice to determine the sex of a bird. Laparoscopy (in which an endoscope is inserted through an incision), along with chromosome analysis of […]

What to Do When Encountering a Wild Baby Bird

Have you ever come across a baby bird in the wild? It can be heartbreaking to find a tiny bird that has been separated from its mother. All kinds of questions run through your head. Should you return the bird to its nest? Should you try to find the mother? Should you touch the bird […]

The Benefits of Bird Ownership

Intelligent and beautiful, companion birds bring many benefits to their owners. Some of these advantages might surprise you. Until you’ve lived with a companion bird, it’s hard to imagine how much birds add to the home with their cheerful, inquisitive natures. Keeping them healthy and happy is a lot of work, for sure, but they […]

Choosing a Bird Breed

Choosing Your Bird Birds come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We cover the questions that will help you choose the right bird for your family and lifestyle. After long discussions and much thought, you and your family have decided that the right pet for your household is a bird. But, what kind of bird […]

Essential Equipment

Essential Bird Equipment From cages and perches to toys and bowls we take a look at the equipment essentials you’ll need to care for your feathered friend. Pet birds need a large amount of equipment. Fortunately, most of it is easy to acquire. The main thing to be careful about is safety. In some ways, […]

Bird Tricks: A Bird Training Guide for Beginners

Birds learn via observation and imitation, so what your bird learns depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into their training. Ever been called ‘bird brain?’ It doesn’t say a whole lot about the species intelligence, does it? However, scientific studies have shown that birds are actually quite intelligent and […]