paw care – paws are his foundation

Image copyright: The foundation of your dog are his paws. The paws are strong but not indestructible. They can be easily injured, prone to allergies and irritants. With our help their paws can stay in good condition and they will be forever grateful. Naturally dogs nails are designed to be worn down and this means […]

dangerous flora & fauna

Flora and fauna do not always mix. Beautiful, fragrant and innocuous to our human bodies, yet possibly fatal to our furry best friend. As we take some pet at home, not always have into consideration about the effect of the plants that we have at home to our pets. We usually buy bunch of flowers for […]

freshwater sharks

Image copyright: Practical Fishkeeping Magazine The freshwater variety This topic of freshwater sharks is an interesting one that needs to be explained and clarified over a few times.  The fish covered by this article are the “sharks” that freshwater fish hobbyists and enthusiasts around the world keep in their home fish tanks.  They are generally fish […]

car safety and your pet

Image copyright: Cap Region Pets Adults and children shouldn’t ride unrestrained, why would you allow your best friend to? When you take your dog on a car ride, whether it be a trip to the beach or a long road journey, your pet has invested his trust in you to keep him safe. The law varies […]

ticks – a year round risk

You can’t hide from pesky Ticks! Your dog or cat can’t hide from the fact that ticks are a year round risk to him. After the especially warm start to the winter months, ticks are still very active. In Australia, there are two types of ticks that are the most problematic, the brown dog tick […]

the green tree frog

Image copyright: Ribbit! Goes the the little Green Tree Frog The White’s Green Tree Frog, or more simply known, Green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea) is a tropical species of frog native to Australia.  Because of its vibrant green colour, large size and easy going nature, this variety is one of the most commonly kept species […]

important documentation for your pet

Image copyright: Important documentation for your pet includes: Microchip Papers – this allows for the local and state councils, animal shelters and vets to track the identification number of your pet and look up your contact information so you are able to claim your pet back. It is a good idea to register your pet on […]

peach-faced lovebird

Image copyright: Birds Now These lovely birds originate from Africa, and have a life expectancy of approximately 10-20 years depending on their diet and environment. Blessed with beautiful colourful plumage, they are not overly vocal birds, however they are adorable as they enjoy playing games and learning tricks. If you do want to attempt to […]

poochy massage therapy

Image copyright: Just for Pets   Why Pamper Your Pooch with Massage Therapy? When we think of a pampering massage, the immediate association for most people is relaxation. You can bring this special treat to your dog as well. Massage therapy for animals is technically ‘touch therapy’, helping to improve both physical and mental wellbeing. […]

clipping your pets nails

Image copyright: Just For Pets   Nail trimming is an important part of your pets grooming routine. How often you should cut your pets nails varies depending on whether they are an indoor or outdoor pet. If your pet is indoors, you may find they will need a monthly trim, but if they are outdoors […]