Frog Care Guide

Frog Care Guide Frogs make truly amazing pocket pets but keeping them happy, healthy and content requires the right home environment and diet. Having wriggled their way into our hearts with their huge eyes and goofy grins, frogs are popular and endearing pets. They’ve come a long way from the bullfrog races and practical jokes […]

Hedgehog Care

Hedgehogs: Think of them as an out-sized, meat-eating hamster covered in spikes! This may sound the stuff of nightmares, but actually hedgehogs share several traits in common with a hamster. For example they are both nocturnal, prefer to live alone, run long distances at night…oh…and are incredibly cute. But in truth, the analogy ends there […]

Guinea Pigs Were Kept as Pets in Elizabethan Times?

The guinea pig bones were found to be from somewhere around the end of the 16th and beginning of the 17th Century. Guinea Pigs were most likely introduced into Europe by the Conquistadors. These particular specimens differ significantly from their native Cavy relatives and are of the same type that was bred and domesticated as a […]

Are You Ready for a Pet Bird?

Coming home to the enthusiastic greetings of your flock after a long day at work is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Before you add companion birds to your family, though, check these tips and make sure you’re prepared for the leap. Parrots, songbirds and pigeons are intelligent, social animals. (Okay, some people might quibble about […]

Are You Ready for a Cat?

Cats are wonderful companions. Although many cats are less emotionally dependent than dogs are, they still require your attention, time, money, and life-long commitment. Are you ready to bring a cat into your family for the long haul? With proper care, that kitten you’re considering can live to be old enough to vote. It is […]

Dog Equipment Basics: What You Need

From bedding and grooming to bowls and toys we take a look at all the basic equipment you’ll need to keep your dog happy, healthy and content. If you’re a new (or soon-to-be) dog owner, congratulations! You can look forward to many years of enjoying a fun and loving relationship with your new canine companion. But to […]

What is homoeopathy for dogs and should vets be allowed to use it? The Telegraph Vet’s view

What is homoeopathy and how is it used in animals Homoeopathy is an alternative method of treating illness, using so-called “remedies” that are extreme dilutions of substances which, in higher quantities, would cause the signs of illness being shown by the animal. The theory is that in some unknown way, the administration of these diluted […]

Animal cruelty: New law will increase penalty for abuse to five years in prison

Current six-month sentence not enough of a deterrent, says Government People who abuse animals will now face up to five years in prison under a tough new crackdown. Environment Secretary Michael Gove said the increase in the present six-month sentence was needed to combat cruelty. The move comes after a series of cases in which courts said […]