Dental Duty: Protecting Your Pet’s Teeth

Be honest: When was the last time you took care of your dog’s or cat’s teeth? It’s more important to overall health than you might realize. Andrea Sanchez, DVM, explains. Q. I’m sure a lot of pet owners out there love their furbabies but struggle to find time to brush their teeth. Is it really that […]

Should You Microchip Your Pet?

A tiny tracker can make a huge difference if a cherished cat or dog goes missing. THE BASICS A microchip is a little bitty device—about the size of a single grain of rice—that can help reunite lost pets with their owners. Typically, when a cat or dog is found and turned in to a vet or […]

Do Your Pets Have the Winter Blues?

Try these tips to lift their spirits. You’re not the only one who feels a little gloomy once the weather gets frightful. During frigid months pets may lack energy or sleep too much, symptoms typically related to a form of depression called the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Boost your furry friend’s mood […]

5 Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations

Canines get in on the family fun at these dog-friendly vacation spots. Albuquerque, NM StayHotel Parq Central’s pet-friendly rooms are within walking distance of the trendy EDo neighborhood (think NYC’s SoHo). Fetch Fun The city offers more than 140 miles of paved family and pet trails and 14 dog parks. Fun FactTravelin’ Jack is the Roving Bulldog Reporter—he rides ziplines […]

10 Popular Small Pets

PETS 10 Popular Small Pets 1 / 11 Thinkstock | Photodisc | Comstock Selecting the small pet that’s right for your home is no small feat. With all the adorably tiny options, it can be difficult to determine whether your family’s new addition should have fins or fur. After all, some pets need massive amounts […]

What Do Gerbils Eat?

Kinds of Gerbil Food Seed Mixes – These are loose mixtures of seeds, sometimes with pellets or dried vegetables and fruits added. Most of these will be nutritionally balanced but only if your gerbil eats everything in the mix. Unfortunately though, many gerbils will pick out their favorite items and leave the rest of the mixture in their bowl […]

Bird Beak Health

Even though the quality of a bird’s beak is key to the health of the overall bird, it can be difficult for bird owners to assess the health of their bird’s mouth, and even more difficult for them to figure out how to treat beak problems if any should arise. In this article, we will […]

What Horses Eat That Keep Them Healthy

Horses have very specific dietary needs because they are herbivores and have a unique digestive tract quite different from ours. Their long digestive system requires a high-fiber diet that is consumed in small amounts over a long time period. Rather than a few large meals like we should eat, horses eat many, many small meals.  Horses actually […]

Pet Bird Behavior Problems

Just like children and pets like cats and dogs, parrots and other pet birds sometimes exhibit behavior problems that their caretakers find difficult to deal with. While there are a number of ways that birds can misbehave and irritate the people that they live with, there tend to be a few behavior issues that are […]