The LaPerm

Background: In 1982 the first LaPerm was born in Oregon as a spontaneous mutation. One of the six kittens in the litter was nothing like the others. She was bald and had widely spaced, large ears. Soon afterwards she grew soft, curly hair. Cat Facts: The name “LaPerm” came from their soft, curly, perm-like coat. […]

The Manx

Background: The Manx originated in the early 19th century from the Isle of Man, which is an island between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their signature missing tail occurred as a result of natural mutation. The Manx was one of the original show cats. Cat Facts: The male Manx weighs in at 8-10 lbs. […]

The Ragamuffin

Background: This breed first pounces in during the 1960s.  Ann Baker, also a Breeder of Persian cats, is credited with their introduction. Before breeding, Anne looked after her neighbor’s cat: Josephine. Josephine, a white domestic longhair, had been injured after being struck by a car. After she recovered she produced a litter of extremely friendly and […]

The Selkirk Rex

Background: The Selkirk Rex originated in 1987 when a rescued cat gave birth to a litter of kittens in Montana. One of the kittens had an unusually curly coat: she was named Miss DePesto. Miss DePesto was then bred with a black male Persian, producing three curly Selkirk Rex kittens and three kittens with straight […]

The Singapura

Background: The Singapura’s origins are controversial and many aren’t convinced of his home country. In 1975 an American couple returned to the U.S. from Singapore with three brown-ticked cats: one female and two males.  At the time it was naturally assumed that this breed must have originated in Singapore; however, in 1987 it was reported […]

The Turkish Angora

Background: The Turkish Angora is a breed of domestic cat and is one of the most ancient natural breeds. Originating in the Ankara region of Turkey, which was historically known as Angora, this breed had been documented as early as the 1600s and is often referred to as the Angora or Ankara cat. Cat Facts: […]

The Turkish Van

Background: The Turkish Van originated in the Lake Van region of Turkey. Two British women named Laura Lushington and Sonia Halliday were given two of these cats during a trip to Turkey in 1955. What they discovered was that these cats adapted well to traveling in cars, camp life, and swimming! It wasn’t until the […]

The Somali

Background: The Somali is essentially a longhaired Abyssinian; which itself was the result of a recessive gene in the Abyssinian cat. The gene created much intrigue among cat breeders and although it’s still not fully understood we’re grateful to have the beautiful Somali. The Somali wasn’t established as an individual breed until the 1960s, and […]

The Persian

History There are lots of versions of the Persian’s history, but it is generally agreed that the breed originated in Persia in what is now Iran and Turkey. The cat made it westward and into Europe and England during the Crusades with the help of trading ships, and eventually the Persian became wildly popular among […]

The Maine Coon Cat

History Although the Maine Coon’s origins are a bit obscure, there are a lot of interesting stories surrounding its history. One story goes like this: Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, attempted to escape to America before her 1793 execution with the help of a ship captain. She never made the voyage, but her belongings did, […]