Pet Massage

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, physical therapy, a little pampering or all of the above, a good massage can really hit the spot — but have you ever considered how the practice might benefit animals as well? It’s one of the latest trends to infiltrate the pet industry, and even Hollywood has taken notice: […]

Understanding Pet Food Labels

You may think you’re feeding Fido top-of-the-line dog food, but without an understanding of pet food labels, you may be putting your pooch at risk. It takes more than just reading the catchy brand name and nutritional claims that pop out at you to really comprehend what your pets are eating. In the United States, […]

Raw Pet Food Diet

Scientists believe that all domestic dogs descend from a single pack of gray wolves that roamed China about 15,000 years ago, and all domestic cats descend from five felines that lived in the Middle East more than 100,000 years ago [source: McGourty, BBC News]. But with so much evolution between today’s pets and their ancient […]

Pet parasites: Fleas, Worms, Mites and Ticks

There are many different parasites which can affect your furry friend! Fleas, Ticks, Mites and Worms At Vets4Pets, we believe in keeping your pets happy and healthy! As part of your preventative healthcare routine for your loved one, we recommend regular parasite protection from your vet.   There are many different types of parasites which […]

Rabbit advice: Can my rabbit be housed with my other pets?

Rabbits are social animals and those who live in friendly pairs or groups are much less likely to suffer from lack of stimulation. If you’re thinking about keeping your rabbit with another pet, have a read through our advice below. Guinea pigs Contrary to popular belief, guinea pigs should not be kept as a friend […]

Why is obesity a problem?

According to PDSA Annual Wellbeing (PAW) report, 81% of vets and nurses have seen an increase in pet obesity over the past 2 years. Obesity is currently one of the most serious welfare problems affecting pets, with an estimated one in three dogs, one in four cats and one in four rabbits considered to be overweight […]

Ear and Eye Care

Ears Keeping your dog’s ears clean should be a part of your usual grooming routine, and it’s important to ensure you are being thorough. Make a point of checking both inside and outside the ear itself, looking for grass seeds or signs of a mite infection such as scratching and scabbing, all of which can […]


Friendly and fun-sized, mice make perfect pets, but would you make their perfect owner? From why you should start with a few female mice rather than males, to deciding whether the children in your home are old enough to handle them properly, our mouse fact file will help you get the bigger picture on these […]

Things every prospective dog owner should know

  If you’re thinking about introducing a new four-legged friend into the family, a little research can help to make things easier for you. From how much of your time your new dog will take up, to how expensive their food is, the fewer surprises along the way, the better. About the breed Make sure […]


Hamsters can make great family pets – they’re relatively easy to care for and can be very rewarding. But are they the right pet for you? Size Generally, hamsters are fairly small at around 15cm, but always provide them with the largest home you can. Lifespan In general, hamsters tend to live for around two […]