Redirected Aggression in Cats

  Redirected aggression in cats is one of the most common forms of aggression among cats living in the same household and can be a challenging problem to resolve. Redirected aggression is when one cat experiences something that instills fear, is over-stimulating or highly arousing and they redirect their frustration, aggression or fear onto whoever […]

Dog Warts: Types, Causes, and Treatments

Canine viral papillomatosis sounds serious, doesn’t it? Actually, the term is just a technical description for warts (papillomas) in dogs. While a diagnosis of dog warts is rarely dire, the condition is worth your attention, primarily so you don’t confuse warts in dogs with other, nastier diseases. Symptoms of Dog Warts Any dog can get […]

Why Cat Carry Food Away From the Bowl

You’ve set up the ideal feeding station for your cat. You picked the perfect bowl and maybe even put a placemat underneath to catch any cat food or water spills. You’ve done your research and picked top quality food for your cat. Instead of enjoying her meal at the feeding station though, your cat grabs […]

My cat won’t use the litter box!

There are a number of areas that you could look at to ensure your cat feels happy about using a litter box. It may be that your cat has experienced pain or discomfort when using the litter tray and associates this with using the tray. The best advice would be for you to take him […]

Dog Aggression to Owners

Dog aggression to owners is perhaps one of the hardest problem behaviors to live with. Not only does it place the family at constant risk, but it can also be very hard to understand why a dog that is loved and well cared for behaves this way. So why do dogs sometimes bite the hand […]

5 Weird Cat Habits

The more time you spend with your cat, the more you’ll probably start to notice—she’s got some weird habits, doesn’t she? We decided to look at 5 weird cat habits and get to the root of why they do them. Kneading From time to time you may catch your cat doing something a little strange: […]

Dogs and Fear of Strangers

Many dogs suffer from a fear of strangers. They cower, tremble, and try to hide from any new person they meet. Causes of a Fear of Strangers There are two main reasons that a dog may become fearful of strangers. The first is genetics. A shy and timid dog is highly likely to produce skittish […]

How to Stop Play Aggression in Cats

What is Play Aggression? Play Aggression in Cats is when playful bites, scratches and ambushes become more serious and can actually cause injury. It’s something cat parents tend to notice more when the aggression is directed toward them, usually in the form of ankle attacks, ambushes or biting and scratching that break the skin. This […]

Tips to Stop a Dog From Chewing on Shoes

We allowed our dog to chew on an old pair of shoes as a puppy, because it was so cute. But now she’s a year old, and she chews on any shoes she finds — most recently, an expensive pair of dress shoes. We get mad when she does this, but we know it’s because […]

How to Teach Your Cat to Come When Called

The idea of having your cat come when you call her may seem ridiculous — after all, cats are independent beings who do whatever they please. But while your repeated coos of “Here, kitty kitty!” may produce only an unreliable response from your feline, it’s likely that other cues, such as the sound of a can of […]