How to Be More Active With Your Dog

any owners, including myself, have long been itching to get outdoors with their dogs and take advantage of consistently improving weather. Eventually, regular daily walks and trips to a dog park become boring, and you may want to try something new that would challenge yourself as well as your dog – physically and mentally. For this […]

How to Stop Dogs from Shedding

Everyone wants to know how to stop dogs from shedding, but the sad truth is that it can’t be done. You’ll never be able to completely remove every loose hair, and even if you could, more would grow in its place. The good news for dog owners is that there are ways to help drastically […]

4 Tips for Traveling With Dogs to Keep Them Safe

ometimes, you have to take your dog for a trip in the car. Whether it’s down the street or across the country, it can be a hassle if your pooch is not a fan of riding. These tips for traveling with dogs should help make your journey safe and comfortable for your pup and your passengers. Think of […]

Why Dogs Feast on Feces

Poop eating in dogs is a common and — much to their owners’ disdain — enthusiastic habit, but what drives them to doo-doo it? Scientists recently dug into the patterns of crap-consuming canines and flushed out an answer. It turns out that not just any old poo will do. For poop-seeking pups, fecal freshness is […]

Could the Next Flu Pandemic Come from Dogs?

You’ve heard of the swine flu and the bird flu,” but now scientists are concerned about dog flu — and, in particular, dog flu jumping to humans. In a new study, researchers say they’ve found evidence that dogs could potentially be a source of new flu strains that could lead to a pandemic. Specifically, the researchers found […]

Should We Be Concerned With Where We Get Our Pets?

  Do you have a pet? If so, do you know where your family got it? Do you know what “puppy mills” and “kitten mills” are? How would you define the term, and why do many think they are problematic? In “California Tells Pet Stores Their Dogs and Cats Must Be Rescues,” Jacey Fortin writes: […]

The Pain of Loving Old Dogs

NASHVILLE — It’s 2 in the morning, and it has just started to rain. It’s a gentle rain, with no threat of high winds or lightning. I know this without having to get up to peer into the dark night or put on my glasses to check the weather app on my phone. I know […]

Dogs and Cats and Decorating: It’s Easier Than You Think

Pets can be good for your health, have a positive effect on your psyche and even improve your dating game. But having a furry family member can wreak havoc on your furnishings. Even if they don’t use the sofa as a scratching post or chew your baskets to bits, pets invariably come with accessories like dog crates, litter boxes […]