Can the Avian Flu (Bird Flu) Infect Domestic Cats?

Image copyright: Petplace The avian flu, also known as the bird flu,  has become an increasingly prevalent topic in the news over the last few years. The bird flu most recently made news in April 2015 when over 5 million laying hens in Iowa had to be destroyed after tests confirmed an outbreak of avian influenza. […]

Young Veterinarian Vs. Old Veterinarian: Which is Best For Your Cat?

Image copyright: Petplace Predictably, perhaps, the answer to the age-old question posed by the title of this post isn’t so straightforward: Young Veterinarian Vs. Old Veterinarian: Which is Best For Your Cat? The most seasoned veterinarians out there have seen it all and they’ve learned from their experiences. They bring a lot to the exam […]

Can Dogs Transmit Ebola? Get the Facts

Image copyright: PetPlace The recent euthanasia of a dog owned by a Spanish nursing assistant infected with Ebola virus has raised much concern about the canine role in Ebola virus transmission and the risks dogs may pose to humans. As is common with emerging diseases, there are many gaps in our knowledge and these gaps […]

Have Some Fun, Start Playing With Your Cat!

Image copyright: Petplace Playing with your cat is a great way to form a bond with her. Cats, like all mammals, engage in play as youngsters and continue to do so even after they have grown up. Play is a complex learning activity that helps kittens develop social relationships and helps them hone their physical […]

Dog Spring Training — How to Get Your Pup Ready for the Season

Image copyright: National Geographic: Phenomena Spring is finally here! Now is the time to take advantage of the good weather and kick off a dog spring training routine. So, get outside and hit the ground running with your pup! Keeping your dog active is essential to being a successful pet owner and making sure your dog stays as healthy […]

10 Games to Amuse Your Cat

Image copyright: Petplace Games can teach your cat a variety of lessons and help him interact with you and other pets in the household. Some experts, such as veterinarians Suzanne Delzio and Cindy Ribarich, authors of Felinestein: Pampering the Genius in Your Cat, believe that games can even boost your cat’s I.Q. Cats are usually pretty good […]

What’s Your Cat’s Sign?

Image copyright: Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Nashville TN Ever wonder what astrological sign your cat is? Does your young tabby act wild like a typical Gemini? Is your Siamese a “me-first” Aries? Well, that pet of yours may have a personality that is affected by more than their age or breed. Like people, […]

25 Bold Pet Predictions for 2018

Image copyright: Healthy Pets Blog Predictions are all the rage this time of year. Like a dog on a walk, we like to sniff out what’s happened and eagerly await what’s lingering down the path. But with apologies to political gurus and sports enthusiasts, we’ll steer clear of those topics typically prognosticated by talking heads […]

Why We Love Basset Hounds

Image copyright: Pinterest While we here at PetPlace genuinely adore all canines (mutts included), we recognize that many dog owners are breed loyal. Our “Breed of the Month” series celebrates those iconic dog breeds that have amassed widespread popularity and/or developed a cult following. For January 2016, we feature the basset hound. They’re the ultimate […]