The Sphynx

History The origin of this strange looking cat is a bit of a riddle: in 1966, a single hairless kitten named Prune was born. After many failed attempts to create a hairless breed with Prune – many kittens died, the gene pool was limited – female descendants of Prune were bred with another nearly hairless […]

The Japanese Bobtail

  Background: The theory surrounding the Japanese Bobtail is that he was taken from Asia and brought into Japan more than 1,000 years ago. After he proved himself to be an exemplary hunter Japanese authorities decided the Bobtail should be set free to populate and help with the rodent issue which plagued Japan. Soon the […]

The Tonkinese

Background The Tonkinese is a newer breed, the result of crossing Siamese and Burmese breeds in the 1960s. Some say that cats similar to the Tonkinese have been around since the 19th century, while others argue that the first Burmese imported to the United States, a female named Wong Mau, was actually a Tonkinese. Whatever […]

The Abyssinian Cat

BackgroundThe name “Abyssinian” refers to ancient Abyssinia, which was located in what is now Ethiopia. But a lot of experts agree that this breed actually came from neighboring Egypt before eventually landing in Europe. One story about the breed goes like this: a tiny female kitten named Zula was adopted by a British soldier and […]

The Norwegian Forest Cat

Background True to its name, the Norwegian Forest Cat is built to survive Norway’s cold and snow! With a thick coat of warm, water-resistant fur, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a truly rugged cat. In fact, most experts agree that its ancestors belonged to the Vikings and were used to catch and control vermin on […]

The Russian Blue Cat

Background The origin of the Russian Blue cat breed is a bit of a mystery, but most experts believe that they originated in the port of Arkhangelsk, Russia – also known as the beautifully-named Archangel Isles. In fact, because “Arkhangelsk” means “archangel” in Russian, these distinctive looking cats are also known as Archangel Blues. The breed made […]

The Fluffy Birman

History Also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” the Birman shouldn’t be confused with the Burmese, a completely different type and breed of cat. Birmanie is the French spelling of Burma, which means – you guessed it – the breed was cultivated in France. How the Birman made it from Burma to France is […]

The Cornish Rex

History The Cornish Rex may be a mutant, but he’s also one of the friendliest felines around! A natural breed and a cousin of the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex is actually the result of a curious genetic mutation. In the 1950s, a kitten named Kallibunker was born in Cornwall, UK with a strange coat of […]

The Devon Rex

History A cousin of the Cornish Rex, the first Devon Rex was a feral kitten named Kirlee who was found pouncing around an abandoned tin mine in the county of Devon in the UK. And, like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex is friendly, outgoing, and unbelievably playful! Actually, because of their similar coats, the first […]

The Ocicat

History The Ocicat may look wild and exotic, but he’s anything but fierce. You’ll find few breeds friendlier, and the Ocicat’s majestic spots are a sight to see! The Ocicat is a young breed, the result of a breeding project by a CFA breeder named Virginia Daly in 1964. Attempting to breed an Abyssinian-pointed Siamese, […]